Aims & Objectives

Our mission is to develop children with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for other and the courage to act of their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical fit.

To provide high quality education modern and relevant at sustainable cost corresponding to global requirements including personal grooming and character building of students.

Teaching Methodology

We want to achieve a high academic standard and aim at the growth of an all-round, well integrated personality of children by promoting national consciousness and social solidarity with scope of service and dignity of labor.

E Square establishment

E Square School System was established in year 2013, this School system caring School with Friendly Family atmosphere. We maintain high standards of education and behavior. We are committed with parents and believe that children learn best when Home and School are in harmony. The School receives active support and encouragement from Parents and Governors, both of whom are fully involved in the life of the school.