Rules &Regulations

Attention of all is invited to the following aspects, failing which strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulters

  • Indiscipline, cheating, telling lies, stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct.
  • Rudeness and misbehavior with staff members and seniors.
  • Keeping firearms, knives and other weapons.
  • Smoking, use of any drugs or narcotics.
  • Willfully or deliberately damaging school property.
  • Being habitually unpunctual in class.
  • Taking part in strikes, protest, inter group fights, politics and indulging in any unruly activities.
  • Keeping undesirable literature.
  • The School fee should be paid through Bank challah or in cash deposited with School Accountant and receipt of the same be collected with school stamp.
  • No student shall be allowed to appear in the Board Examination, Annual Examination and Term wise Examination his / her accounts are settled in full by the date on which the examination begin.
  • In case of a withdrawal of students by the parents / guardians, the student shall have to pay full dues for the month during which he / she is withdrawn.